What To Expect



A social worker or detective must refer you for an appointment with the Child Advocacy Center.  They will contact you with the scheduled date/time.


An advocate will greet you immediately upon arrival at the CAC.  The advocate will complete an intake packet and needs assessment with the parent/guardian.  

Forensic Interview

A verbal child is provided a one-on-one interview by a specially trained interviewer to obtain accurate information. Consideration is given by the trained interviewer to the cognitive development and emotional needs of the child. 

Medical Exam

A referral for a comprehensive medical exam is provided to determine if any physical signs of trauma exist, to complete lab work, and to provide assurance to children that they are healthy. Medical Providers with highly specialized training in assessing child abuse complete the exams. 


Onsite child and family advocates meet with each child and parent/caregiver to connect family members with helpful resources. 

Multidisciplinary Team

Members of Child Protective Services and Law Enforcement are onsite during each Child Advocacy Center evaluation to spare children the additional trauma of talking repeatedly about their victimization to multiple people in multiple agencies. (Team members observe the interview from a separate room via closed-circuit TV.) Once the evaluation at the Child Advocacy Center is complete, professionals from the CAC and other disciplines onsite will meet as a team to answer questions and make recommendations. Information may be shared with caregivers by investigators to aid in the child’s and family’s healing process.